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2008 Yixing Trip? - No & Yes
Kam spent 3 months in Tibet (May - July) this year and can't quite make it to Yixing. Teapot ally took the trip to Yixing without Kam. Report form teapot ally: price continues to go up and it's hard to find good teapots. That is not good news. 

2007 Yixing Trip? - Nay. (2007 Sep)
Yixing trip 2007 seems impossible. I would have to feed on teapot ally's stock for the rest of 2007. Would expect some fighting over teapots .. .. 

2007 Yixing Trip? (2007 May)
Totally busy overwhelmed with work in 2007. Stole a week and went on a tea hunt trip end of Apr. but really not sure if I can go on a teapot trip in 2007. If not, hope that teapot ally is reserving enough teapots for me. 

My Kung Fu Teapot (2006 Jul)
While updating teapots from 2006's Yixing run to the site, I found that I have been using the same postage scale for the past 6 years. And I have seriously under estimated the weight of the brocade box ... oh my ~~~~

My Kung Fu Teapot (2006 May)
I got a 3oz, nice clay, nicely handmade teapot as a gift from a teapot maker and was overjoyed. After 2 weeks of serving Kung Fu tea, the teapot's color started to darken ... then I dropped it on a rosewood tea tray and ...

I wish it were the tea tray that chipped.

2006 Yixing Trip (2006 Apr)
Teapot reserve totally ran out after 2005's Christmas shopping spree. Waited till Apr., when Yixing was defrosted, to have my Yixing run. But I found in the first 3 hours in Yixing that Yixing 2006 was quite different from Yixing 2005.

China's economy has taken off in the past few years. Lots of Chinese people are making a better living, they spend money on things like art, including Yixing teapots. Such an explosive jump demand has thrown everything out of balance. Cost of teapots has skyrocketed. It's much harder now to find good work at reasonable prices. Purchase volume was down but total spending was way up. But hey, the fun was still high hopping from studio to studio and home to home!

Also have to mention I found a small restaurant that does really nice dishes. Meat stuffed green pepper was the best. Fresh meat, fresh pepper. When I say fresh, I mean things that have NOT been refrigerated. Meat came straight from the butcher's table, and green pepper straight from the fields nearby. No seasoning beats the original taste of meat and green pepper. Yes, I now have one more reason to go to Yixing in 2007.


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