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Yixing teapots make up a beautiful subset of Chinese Teapot. You are invited to enjoy 300+ Yixing teapots in this section.

30 Oct, updated for Christmas shopping.

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postage adjusted upward
Kam's days of working with Yixing teapots 

Max. 418 Yixing teapots 
on 8th Nov 2004

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Why YiXing teapots while my plastic teapot is working fine? A few quick reasons:
  1. YiXing teapots are baked at 2,000F+ high heat resulting in denser and finer clay;
  2. YiXing teapots are micro-porous. They breath, and they absorb the flavor of tea. Old YiXing teapots can thus enhance flavor of tea brewed;
  3. YiXing teapots don't lose heat quickly resulting in higher temperature, which gets more flavor out of tea;
  4. YiXing teapots look better than my plastic teapot;
  5. come on, aren't there enough reasons for you to at least take a look at the following YiXing teapots?
  • Each YiXing teapot comes with a free custom made brocade box.
  • You can even pick a pattern for your brocade box if you buy from these pages.
  • All YiXing teapots are handmade, there might be slight differences between the PICs and the actual teapot shipped.



New ones

The elegant art pieces now serve your tea. (note: Porcelain teapots are not Yixing teapots. Forgive Kam for putting them in the Yixing section)

Lucky BeastsLucky Beasts Dragons, Phoenix, Kylin and whatever beasts in Chinese legend. I like pats anyway.

Only 1sOnly 1 Joe living next door is watching's teapots too ... what if he buys the same teapot I wanna buy ...

By Volume Below 5oz

PlantsPlants Flowers, bamboo, plum blossom, pumpkin, gourd, etc. 

InsectsInsects Computer bugs don't count. Cockroaches count but Kam hasn't come across one on a teapot (did come across one inside a teapot though)

SymbolsSymbols Those classic clip art invented thousands of years ago by Chinese. Ying Yang, Tai Chi, the Eight Diagrams, etc.

BuddhaBuddha Buddha, Guan Yin, sutra ...



All of 'emALL I know there are more than 150 of them. But I can handle it. All at once please (not including Collectors' Room)

CollectibleSoulful works of art that take you to a higher level. Kam resisted the temptation. See if you can.

New onesNEW Just the newly updated ones please. I don't have time to watch 300+ teapots.

SetsSets I like matching teacups and plates.

CalligraphyCalligraphy See what they can do with a brush!


ClassicsClassics The simplest and the near simplest. Probably the best for Gong Fu tea.

Water CreaturesWater creatures Carp, shrimp, fishy, ... frogs belong here ... no buoys though.

AnimalsAnimals Those run on land. Tigers, birds. Yes, humans are animals too.

ShanShuiShanShui "Shan" is mountain, "Shui" is water. Landscape and scenery that is.

Special SubjectsSpecial Surprise me with something different. In fact, teapots go here if it's "none of the above".

Collectors' Room


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