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Pay Attention to Where Your YiXing Teapots Stand
teapots not included

Kam has been looking for a display stand for YiXing teapots since he sold his second YiXing teapot (he kept the first one). And this occurred to him as a "natural" solution 4 years later.

Made from comfortable-looking natural material, this stand is dyed hardwood hand crafted to the irregular shape of tree roots. Plastic or metal can be used to display YiXing teapots but only natural material and natural shapes go along with the natural sentiment of YiXing teapots and YiXing Zisha.

Kam likes to stare at the random twists of the stand. They are almost as artistic as the YiXing teapots that sit on them.

  Size: 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches (varies)
  Price: US$6
  Only sold with purchase of our Yixing teapots

see the twist up close

see it from space




ho ho ho, hole hole hole




they are all unique




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