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Next Tea Hunt Trip, Already! (2007 May)
  What? Just back from a trip. But why not? A tea friend asks me to check out Tie Guan Yin or Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) this coming Autumn season. Sounds good. Will try to arrange.

2007 Tea Hunt Trip (2007 Apr)
End of Apr., I cheated a week out of my schedule to hunt for tea. Made it back early May. 

A few notes of the trip:
  serious flee bites from the trip. Not sure how I got it but I just did. Dark and solid bites that turn into bristles. Flees want to join me for tea.
  weather is changing, and that changes the quality of tea - for the worse. Folks, be friendly to the environment or you get shitty (excuse me) teas in the days to come.
  whole new meaning to HBP. High Blood Pressure? No, High Bladder Pressure. It's harder to find good tea this year so I had to test drink A LOT of tea. Would be a good idea to build the tea tasting room right inside the toilet.


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