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The Teapot
 This is the 2nd batch of Chinaware Kam acquired from the Chinaware capital JingDe Town. Kam got into a small traffic accident while picking up this batch. Lost most of batch but there is at least some left.

Now, Kam is using one of the slightly damaged teapot for tea. Feels good. And you bet drinking with one of these intact teapots would feel even better.


  Teapot Dimension: Tip to Tip: 6.75 in. / 17.1cm

Height: 4 in. / 10.2cm, Capacity: 13 oz / 380ml

this YiXing teapot comes with a free, custom made brocade box.
Teapot Price: US$66
S&HS&H information (Included in Price): US$11

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