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YiXing Teapot Set - Pears & Leaf code:870901562
Teapot: 16 Oz x 4 3/4" H x 6 1/2" Tip2Tip
Teacup: 4 Pieces x 3 Oz x 1 3/8" H x 2 3/4" Tip2Tip
Back in 2005, during Kam's first visit to China's Chinaware capital, JingDe Town, Kam ran into this beautiful lady, Liu, who runs her own Chinaware studio. Chinaware makers usually follow the traditional path, i.e., they work as helpers or apprentices of masters in small factories and learn their skill while they work. Liu, besides going down the traditional path, went throught formal education in Chinaware as well. She has a Master's degree in Chinaware! She was the only person during Kam's short trip who was able to chat Chinaware from many perspectives. Too bad she is married.

Kam asked her to come up with some teapot sets of teapots in whatever design she likes. And so she did. Here is one of them, hand done by Liu from teapot to painting.


Set Price: US$75
S&HS&H information (Included in Price): $25
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