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 Yixing teapot to Chinaware teapot is like a bold, down-to-earth nobleman to a graceful, almost-sacred lady. Kam has been looking for Chinaware teapots in the past few years. This is the first batch of Chinaware Kam acquires from the Chinaware capital JingDe Town. These aren't everyday Chinaware in Chinese restaurants. They are skillfully made and painted art pieces that drops many peoples' months. Kam feels like a king using them for tea.

  Teapot Dimension: Tip to Tip: 6.5 in. / 16.5cm

Height: 4 in. / 10.2cm, Capacity: 12 oz / 350ml

this YiXing teapot comes with a free, custom made brocade box.
Teapot Price: US$66
S&HS&H information (Included in Price): US$10

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