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Chinese Tea Select - Monkey King 2009 (Hou Kui)
Tea in JarWhen Kam finds good tea on a tea trip, or when he comes across special/good batches of tea, he puts them on "Chinese Tea Select". Tea offered as "Select" is tea from a specific batch. It will be gone for good once it's sold out.
Class Aroma
Flavor Pleasure
Green High High High V.High
Comment 2009

As many other teas, 2009 is pretty much the same as 2008. Besides the characteristic indulging floral aroma, there is white hair in this batch meaning it's a good early pick batch. High quality flavor yet not too strong, lingering echo even after tea cups are washed. Yes, Monkey King remains #1 on Kam's green tea chart. 

2009 Monkey King is brought back by tea group member King who is 10+ years more experienced than Kam in tea. King brings back Monkey King, good match. A round of applause for him doing that for our tea friends on

Suggested brewing parameters - TEA:WATER (by weight) 3:100. Gaiwan or glass is fine. About 90C water brewing for 60-70 sec. Tea in the cup/glasses first, then water. Can last 5-6 infusions. Other rules for brewing green tea applies.

General Info on Monkey King

Monkey King smells like orchid, natural and refreshing. It's clean and elegant flavor sets it apart from the regular, or even top quality, green teas. It has it's unmistaken-able style.

Compared to the most liked Chinese green tea Dragon Well, Kam would say Monkey scores better in overall pleasure.

Quick facts about Monkey King:
- It's 100% wild tea (wild tea is VERY rare in today's tea market)
- It's found in a valley full of monkeys and thus the name.


Weight Reference: 100g = 3.5oz, 200g = 7oz, 500g = 17.5oz


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