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Chinese Tea - Tie Guan Yin KING (2009 Spring) (Tie Guan Yin)
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Weight Reference
100g 3.5oz
200g 7.0oz
500g 17.5oz
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Class Aroma Flavor Pleasure
Oolong High High High
Yes, yes, yes. It's new tea season! 

Ok, comment after tasting: good clean flavor, smooth, and high echo. Leaves super fragrance at bottom of cup. 2 thumbs up (well, 2 is all Kam's got )!

Kam's test brew parameters: 1  tea : 15 water by weight, 80-90C water. First infusion for tea washing 5-10 sec. (just the amount of time to brush away the foam).  2nd infusion on, 15-20 sec. Kam tested with a 4oz gaiwan (Kung Fu Cha brewing). Can last about 7 infusions. Aroma goes out after the 4th infusion but flavor stays till the end.

General information: Tie Guan Yin is the best selling tea type of Southern China and Taiwan. It's also the most popular tea for Kung Fu Cha. (general information on oolong tea)

Loose leaf packed in multi-layered heat sealed bags (for vacuum packing), but not vacuumed.



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