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Chinese Tea - Big Black Leave Lone Bush (Dan Chung - Da Wu Ye)
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Weight Reference
100g 3.5oz
200g 7.0oz
500g 17.5oz
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Class Aroma Flavor Pleasure
Oolong V.High High High
Haven't introduced new teas to the site for a while. Kam tried this tea long before but didn't think it's that good. A customer asked for this tea and Kam found a different version (supplier, rather) that is pretty good. So here we go.

Big dark brown color leaves, yellowish green at back with red rim. Guess that is why the name. It has the honey style flavor of Lone Bush. Thick flavor (Lone Bush leans towards the strong side, this one is just right), high fragrance. Very lasting brewing.

Kam's test brew parameters: 1  tea : 20 water by weight (about 5g of tea in a 4oz gaiwan, Kung Fu Cha brewing), 90C or above water, brew time 10 sec., extends to 15 sec. after 4-5 infusions, still has flavor after 8 infusions!

General information: Lone Bush is a subclass (Oolong > Lone Bush) of tea that has good price-performance. It's very popular amongst Chao Zhou people (the super tea loving group who invented Kung Fu Cha) because 1) tea flavor is thick and strong, 2) good price for everyday heavy drinking (just Kam's own interpretation ). There are quite a few teas under this subclass (a result of long rooted tea culture of Chao Zhou people). Kam will try to bring to you as many as he can. 

General information on oolong tea

Loose leaf packed in multi-layered heat sealed bags (for vacuum packing), but not vacuumed.



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