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Chinese Tea Select - Qi Men Red 2009 (Qi Men Hong)
Tea in JarWhen Kam finds good tea on a tea trip, or when he comes across special/good batches of tea, he puts them on "Chinese Tea Select". Tea offered as "Select" is tea from a specific batch. It will be gone for good once it's sold out.
Class Aroma
Flavor Pleasure
Red High V.High High V.High
Comment 2009

Qi Men Red in 2009. Very stable quality as it's fully fermented like Pu'er. Yes, as good as last year. Best red of China. 

Suggested brewing parameters - TEA:WATER (by weight) 1:15. Better brew in a porcelain gaiwan to see that lovely red color. 90C water, brews for 20 seconds. Can last 5 infusions.

General Info on Qi Men Red

Qi Men is another tea, and the only red tea, on the 10 most famous Chinese teas list.

Full-bodied taste with honey flavor and the scent of orchid. Adorable red tea color. It's the best red tea Kam's ever had. Described in tea books is that there will be a mist formed on the surface of the tea if it's high quality Qi Men Red - and that is exactly what Kam sees when the tea is still hot.


Weight Reference: 100g = 3.5oz, 200g = 7oz, 500g = 17.5oz


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