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Chinese Tea - Pu'er Cake 2005 (Pu Er Cha Beng)
Kam's Pick
Weight Reference
100g 3.5oz
200g 7.0oz
500g 17.5oz
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Class Aroma Flavor Pleasure
Compressed Medium Medium High
Update: since Kam's introduction of this tea cake (Sep 06), it has gone up by 3 times (as of Apr. 07)! Kam knew it as it's such a good tea. .

A good Pu'er cake that is worth putting on the site. This is an unprocessed cake (or "raw cake" in Chinese), young and not quite aged, but healthy to drink and ready to be put away for aging for decades.

This cake is raw and is of a totally different style than the aged Pu'er that we are familiar with. This cake is made with very good tea leaves thus it doesn't have the bitter grassy flavor of young cake, but yet it has this delighting floral flavor that is very unique. It's simply refreshing to drink. Kam has been bring this to all restaurant occasions since he found this tea. Yes, it's Kam's "official restaurant tea".

What is so good about raw Pu'er? It helps to lose weight - not over night but over time. Drink about 200 to 500 ml per day without increasing your MacDonald's intake, you will lose some weight in a few weeks. You can feel your internal system being "cleaner" as well.

This is a batch of Pu'er that has very good "tea base" to start with. If you have the patience, you can get a stack (7 cakes wrapped in bamboo skin), throw it in a dry and shaded place (not in enclosed container so it gets enough oxygen) and forget about it. 20+ years later, you can either have a super nice cup of Pu'er or you can sell it for 10x the price, conservatively. (Already 3x as of Apr. 07) 

Kam tested brewing parameters: 1) in a gaiwan, 8  tea : 150 water by weight, brew time 10-20 sec. Can last about 4-6 infusions. 2) in a porcelain teapot (dim sum restaurant style), do it really casually. Prepare tea cake chunks 1/6 the size of a credit card. Throw a piece in a big pot of water. Brew time - don't care. If you taste water, add another chunk. Don't forget to throw a piece of dim sum into your own mouth while you are busy with the tea.

Kam's experience and general information on compressedtea

Loose leaf packed in multi-layered heat sealed bags (for vacuum packing), but not vacuumed.



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