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Chinese Tea - Longevity Eyebrow KING (Shou Mei)
Weight Reference
100g 3.5oz
200g 7.0oz
500g 17.5oz
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Class Aroma Flavor Pleasure
White Medium High High
I have been trying to find a tea that I can drink really casually at office but not giving up good aroma and flavor. Some high grade green teas I bought on my HuangShan trip (see meets the requirement but they soon ran out.

This Longevity Eyebrow doesn't taste like the Longevity Eyebrow I have drank before. It has the very natural and thick green tea flavor that I have been looking for. I am amazed but the tea ally says it's because I was preoccupied with other expensive fancy teas and didn't care to spend time on the tea that I grow up with (I feel so bad that I almost want to jail myself) . But it's never too late to keep an open mind.

Kam highly recommends this tea if you 1) love tasteful green tea; 2) want utmost convenience - a glass or a GaiWan on your office table is all you need. Super price-performance!

General information on white tea

Loose leaf packed in multi-layered heat sealed bags (for vacuum packing), but not vacuumed.



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