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Chinese Tea - Ginseng Oolong (Ren Shen Wu Long)
Kam's Pick
Weight Reference
100g 3.5oz
200g 7.0oz
500g 17.5oz
Tea in Jar
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Class Aroma Flavor Pleasure
Oolong High Staying High
Kam has tried other Ginseng Oolong but none impressed. This one has Ginseng's flavor well presented. You can smell it when it's in the cup and you can feel it in that cool and refreshing Ginseng aftertaste. Even better, you get to keep all the familiar fun from drinking an Oolong tea.

This is a fancy Taiwan tea. By fancy, I mean the processing, not that it has 7 colors or something. (general information on oolong tea)

Loose leaf packed in multi-layered heat sealed bags (for vacuum packing), but not vacuumed.



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