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Collectors' Room YiXing Teapot - Curve High Handle code:870990023

  tip to tip: 7 in.
height: 8.5 in.
capacity: n/a oz

  condition: relatively new
maker: Wang Yin Xian

You might have see this teapot a lot of times. But do you know who is original maker? She is one of the biggest names in YiXing. It's safe to rank her within the top 5 YiXing teapot masters that are still alive. This is a teapot she made back in 1992. There is a slight chip at the bottom of the lid where can't be seen if lid is in close position.

This is a batch of teapots collector Huang acquired from a charity event. The event was aided by high officials in Beijing who invited YiXing masters to submit their work. These masters' work are otherwise not easily obtainable. All teapots come with certificates that bear the signatures of the makers.

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