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Chinese Tea Tools - Utensil - Dark Woddy Lite code:870100237

A pair of tongs to wash hot teacups and a shuffle to load tea into the small Kung Fu teapot.

More solid woody feel version.

"Cha Dao" (the Way of Tea) is a set of tools that helps out in tea brewing. Typical members in a Cha Dao set are:
Tea Shuffle - shuffles tea leaves
Tea Digger - digs expended tea leaves from teapots
Tea Needle - prevents spout blockage
Tea Tongs - handles hot tea ware for your fingers
Vase - provides home for all tools
Tea Funnel - funnels tea leaves into small teapot opennings
  Height: n/a inches
  Diameter: n/a inches
  Price: US$7
  S&HS&H information Included in Price
  Packaging: well, nothing gifty here. Carton box? Bubble wrap? We will use whatever that is available.
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