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Chinese Paintings
Chinese painting is the earliest Chinese art Kam sells through the net. But it took almost 3 years before Kam can put these Chinese paintings on

Here are the paintings by category:

Newly Added

The Newly added pieces please.

Lucky Beasts

Lucky Beasts Dragons, Phoenix, Kylin and beasts in Chinese legend.


Pond Creatures Carp, fish, lotus, dragonflies, mandarin ducks, etc.

Plants & Birds 

Plants & Birds Bamboo, plum blossom, flower & birds etc. Very green category this is.


XXtra Large

XXL the wall-paper size paintings.


Buddha Buddha, Guan Yin, DaMo monk, etc. Anything that is Buddha related.

Tea I know, I know, my choice of categories is affected by my personal hobby. That's fun on top of fun for me.


ALL Show me all. I got plenty of time to kill.


Animals Friends sometimes say Kam is an animal. My response is "Yes, human is animal". Of course you can find monkeys, tigers, dinosaurs (), etc. in this category as well. 



Sets comes in groups of 4 usually - maybe they like to play mahjongg.


Calligraphy Ok, pure calligraphy is technically not paintings. But they are a close enough relative to painting.


ShanShui Landscape is a huge subject in Chinese paintings. It's an art of reproducing great sceneries on small paper.

Special Subjects

Special Anything that is a little different. Or, if you like, you can call it "unclassified".

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