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How to Mount Chinese Paintings
Mounting is the Chinese art counterpart of matting in Western art. It puts 4 silk borders around Chinese paintings so Chinese paintings look better when framed.

Don't take mounting Chinese painting for granted just because it's included in the price. Don't think you can take a 1-day course in a art studio and start mounting Chinese paintings yourself. It's a 3-day process involving tons of work.

Let's check out what professional mounters go through to get the job done. 

(The following was pictured in Kam's early happy-go-online days. Please bear with his poor camera)
STEP 1 - Talking about mounting Chinese paintings, this step is easy to forget - paint.
Rice paper is membrane-thin. Would be really sexy if Kam wears it on the beach.
STEP 2 - Apply a thin layer of glue on the back of the Chinese painting.
STEP 3 - Back the Chinese painting with a thicker piece of paper.
"Spray me wet before gluing" says the paper.
STEP 4 - Stick the paper-backed Chinese painting to a flat surface (wall, door, etc) - after getting Dad's permission.
Chinese paintings stay on flat surface overnight to let dry.
STEP 5 - After kissing the flat surface for a whole night, the Chinese painting is cropped and taped with paper tapes (on right) on the edges at the back.
"We don't work well with VCRs" say the tapes.
STEP 6 - Then 4 silk strips are glued to the exposed tapes around the Chinese painting. (Yeah, Kam has switched to another painting because he can't wait all night to the take next shot )
Silk is soft. It needs STEP 2, 3, 4 as well to make it useful for STEP 6. Yes, including that night-long kissing with the wall.
The Chinese painting needs to be backed by another piece of paper. 
Repeat STEP 2, 3, 4, including the kissing. 
STEP 7 - Apply a water resistant layer on the back and DONE! 
Very easy ... very easy to screw up. 
So, DIY highly not recommended. Leave it to the professionals. 
The result delights.

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