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Chinese Calligraphy - Autumn Cicada

  You know which is the longest living insect?

Contrary to Kam's common sense and ancient poets' wisdom (who liked to draw analogy between "autumn cicada can't see summer trees" and human's short lives), it's cicada. Although they don't last long as adults, they spend a lengthy larval stage underground feeding on root juice. They could last years in total.

But that doesn't make our lives any longer. So live wisely

  Painter: Zheng Gong
Hand painted. No prints.

  Overall: 23.5 x 47 inches
  Size: L+
  Mounting information
  Mounted with silk bordersYES
  Scroll Mounted?  NO
You can remount this painting into a scroll for $18 (included extra postage).
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Price: US$36
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