Shipping Information
  Where are we shipping from?
  How much is S&H?
  How long does airmail or seamail deliver my order?
  What is default shipping method?
  Do you have option for courier Service?
Where are we shipping from?
  All the way from Hong Kong. It seems to be far away but check out what our customers have to say :

... I was uncomfortable ordering from anywhere out of the United States, but the tray arrived quickly and in perfect condition. So, I look forward to ordering from you again. Cynthia Morris, MI

... reliable, efficient, quick! Larry Dombrow, NY

... trouble free Hong Kong to USA ... Pleased! Patricia Wall, FL

I received the pot in excellent condition from Hong Kong in a very short time... Cheryl Galvin, WI


How much is S&H?
  International S&H cost is included in most of the items. There is NO S&H to add whatsoever after you press the checkout button.

  For items like papercut and tea cups, etc, you may have to add S&H manually as a shopping cart item. Please follow instructions and you will be fine.

Airmail vs. Seamail
  Airmail takes 1-2 weeks to reach international destinations while seamail takes 4-8 weeks. (see also courier service)
Default shipping
  If you don't see shipping method mentioned explicitly in an item's description, default shipping is via airmail. For heavy items (over 1kg/2.2 lb) which there is a recognizable difference between airmail and seamail postage, you will be asked to choose from air/sea.
Courier Service
  Courier #1 (default 7-day courier option) - 7-day service, $14.99 flat per order (different rate applies if NOT shipped to the US or Asia) extra provided there is NO seamail item in the order. Service can be ordered from most item pages. (see also airmail and seamail)

  Courier #2 - Speed Post, 3-day delivery service to North America and Europe that costs an extra US$20-25 for packages under 2kg/4.4lb. Email Kam for exact cost.
  Courier service #3 - FedEx or DHL, next day. Light speed delivery with mouth-dropping cost. Email Kam for exact cost.

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