Chinese Bamboo Sculpture
   - Teaching the Kids
8 x 5.375 in.
20 x 14 cm
Letter Size: M
Weight: 1.3 lb. / 570 g.
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No alcohol, no drugs .. ..oh, that is 1000 years later. Now let us learn how to do calligraphy.
Bamboo segment carving is stunning art. It's 3D carving carves into the depth of bamboo stem, as well as the hearts of the audience. Because of China's booming economy, lots of the already very small number of carvers are giving up this hard work for other opportunities. With contact info lost, Kam made a trip into deep China again March, 2007 and managed to find carver Yu. Yu said "a carpenter is making RMB 100 (US$14) a day. It takes 2 people to work 15+ days for each of these bamboo segments. We are just making labor money, the art part is free. But we don't want to see this traditional art disappear." After 10 months, Yu delivered 11 bamboo segments. Audience, please put your hand together for these magnificent bamboo segment carvings.
Maintenance: touch and play with bamboo segments as often as you can. Human "qi" would give bamboo a lovely shine over time.


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