Chinese Bamboo Sculpture
   - Dragon & Phoenix
6.25 x 2 in.
16 x 5 cm
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Weight: 0.2 lb. / 95 g.
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This is from artist Jang. He used 20 year old bamboo for this piece of work. The bamboo is turning red already.
This is not a pen holder (though you can use it as one). These bamboo segments are toys of ancient Chinese. People would look at and play with them like jade pieces. After a while, these bamboos absorb the "Qi of human" (or sweat ) and turn into a lovely red color. They are like pets, the more you love them and touch them, the more beautiful they are.
These bamboo segments are serious art as well. To carve one, a setting has to be drawn according to the intended theme. Rearranged to follow the texture of the bamboo segment, the setting is then transferred onto the bamboo. What comes next is 10-20 days of carving creating all the raised details on the bamboo. Kam actually named the theme for each bamboo segment when he asked the artists to do the bamboos. You have to see it to belief it.
If Kam could name a theme, you can too. Simply email Kam if you want a bamboo segment with a specific theme.


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