Chinese Lucky Signs
Ru Yi - A Chinese phrase goes "Ji Xiang (luck) Ru Yi (as one wishes)". Besides meaning "as one wishes", Ru Yi is also an object - a long piece with 2 mushroom-like  curve at both ends. It has no functional purpose - except maybe for decoration and as a sign of luckiness.

Yue Yi (click to enlarge)
Bat - "Bat" sounds like "fortunateness" in Chinese - happy and lucky that is.
Flower/Peony - Symbol of wealthiness.
Coin - This one is simple. Fortune.
Turtle/Cranes/Peaches - Longevity, why? 1) Turtles live hundreds of year; 2) Cranes .. .. ok, this one beats me, pass; 3) In Chinese heaven, the mother of gods has peaches grown in her garden. They take 3,000 years to blossom and another 3,000 years to fruit. Take one bite and you live forever.
Fish/Carp - It's all about profit. "Fish" is homophonic to "surplus" while "carp" with "profit". Now you know why there are tons of fish/carp in Chinese art.
Vase - Sounds like Peacefulness & Safeness. 
Numbers - 2 = easy, 3 =  lively, 4 = death (this one is unlucky), 6 = continuously (use in combination with other numbers, like "68"), 8 = get rich, 9 = long lasting

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