Chinese Antique - Glossary
Hair needle/Hair dangle
Because of relatively complicated hairdo, ancient ladies had room for lots of hair jewelry. 
A hair needle, usually larger and with more complex design, is for both decoration and to hold hair in place. 
A Hair dangle is a smaller pin with dangling decorations at it's end. When the wearer moves, it dangles every step of the way.
Made in Ancient China with Gold and Silver
It was popular material for medium value jewelry. Silver on the inside plated with gold. The higher the percentage of gold used, the longer the color stays.
Made in Ancient China with Feather
Feather was dyed, shaped, and then adhered to surfaces. It's a painstaking process to go thru. Feathered items are not easy to keep because of poor ancient glue quality. Feather can be scratched off easily. Despite that, it provided an alternative for vibrant color that ancient ladies loved.

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