KamLeMan Who: Kam Leung
Resident of: Hong Kong
Age: oh, nice weather
Favorite Sports: Talking, Eating, Scuba Diving, Playing Basketball, Stamp Collecting
Description: Workaholic in office, lazy bone else where

The Fun Alliance is a bunch of Chinese artifacts and goodies suppliers interested in participating in Kam's pet project of putting fun things online.

It all started in 1999 when Kam put one surplus stamp on eBay and got sold - for one big dollar. "Fun! maybe I should try my used tooth brush" thought Kam. Just a thought though. He went on auctioning his surplus Chinese painting collection and teapots, and stuff.

Now, friends of friends and suppliers come to Kam to ask for help to go online. Sure, why not. But since there is only limited time outside of Kam's day job, Kam requires alliance members to be:

  1. fun loving,
  2. beer drinkers, or tea drinkers, or both,
  3. supplying interesting & quality products,
  4. ready to lose money as many other internet companies do

before they qualify.

Now let the fun begin!


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