27 Jun 2009. 2009 Tea Hunt tea online!
17 May 2009. Spring teas arrive!
1 Jan 2009. Happy New Year!
3 Nov paintings, embroidery updated. 
30 Oct updated for Christmas shopping, Yixing teapots, tea accessories, tea cups, tea (TGY autumn tea is here)
2008 Christmas mailing deadlines
Tibet30 Oct Kam's Tibet trip log posted. See beauty at such an altitude. 
22 Sep tea hunt tea posted
7th Feb 2008 is New Year's Day. Wish everybody a happy and wealthy Year of the Mouse. Don't forget to Stay cool. 
22 Nov, Bamboo segments, 29 Oct, Paintings updated / 22 Oct, Yixing teapots / 07 Nov tea, updated for Christmas
9 Oct, Papercut updated, finally
25 Sep, Happy Mid Autumn Festival. On such a good day, Kam has added more tea trays.
24 Sep, lots of beautiful new gaiwans!
7 Sep, long overdue, but Kam finally got Yixing teapots updated. Teacups updated as well.
31 Aug, embroidery updated
18 Feb 2007, today is Chinese New Year. Kung Hei Fat Choi. Have a happy and healthy Year of the Pig.
9 Dec, more Yixing teapots for Christmas shoppers. 1 Nov updating for Christmas shopping. Yixing teapots done. Autumn tea arrived. Paintings updated too.
26 Sep tea, gaiwan, tea accessories, teacups, faircups updated. Big update, isn't it?
17 Sep seal stones updated
4 Aug Some lovely Bamboo
updated. Hard to find, don't miss.
25 Jul Ok, long-waited teapot updated done. They are from Kam's tea and teapot trip back in Apr. They took ages to be pictured but it's finally done. Enjoy folks.
26 Apr Kam is back from 2006 tea hunting in China. Teas from the trip is posted.
20 Feb A few more Yixing teapots up. Hang in there until Kam's 2006 Yixing trip!
29 Jan Kung Hei Fat Choi and Happy Year of the Dog!
2006 Happy New Year!
12 Dec introduce Chinese Tea Select
08 Nov new Yixing teapots are up. 
26 Oct 2005 Autumn tea is in!
31, 29 Jul a batch of seriously beautiful gaiwan is up. Chinaware teapots blended into Yixing teapot section. Seal stones also updated.
7 Jun Kam got super nice teas from his 2005 mainland China tea hunt. The teas are on
12 May  Yixing teapots update
06 May paintings updated
12 Mar Tibetan lanterns preview
13 Jan 2005, belated Happy New Year. An update of Yixing teapots for New Year present. More new products coming .. ..
8 Nov. Kam goes nuts and we have 418 Yixing teapots online!
8th Sep. Chinese paintings updated
31 Aug. gaiwans, teacups, fair cups updated
31 Jul. very last reserve of my Yixing teapots before Yixing run in mid. Aug.
1 Apr. tea accessory updated. Hey, the update is for real!
1 Jan. Happy 2004!
09 Nov. Autumn tea of 2003 is coming out. And more  Yixing teapots for your Chinese tea.
05 Aug. it takes a lot of work to update Chinese Paintings but it's done. Enjoy.
03 Aug, inkstones updated.
12 Jul, embroidery updated.
7 May, near 300 YiXing teapots in the teapot section. Could take hours to browser them all.
31 Mar, Dragon Well Spring tea 2003 arrives! Gee, I make it sound like a version of computer software.
29-31 Mar, haven't done update for a while. After being bugged by respective allies, Kam updated teapots, tea accessoriesteacups, gaiwans, bags, tissue box covers, and wood sculptures.
13 Mar, another batch of YiXing teapots goes online.
10 Mar, just 10 days before war. Kam's back from his UAE trip. PIC preview.
1st Jan. 2003 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wish you all a happy 2003. Most sections updated in the first day of the year.
30 Dec. Chinese Paintings updated
29 Dec, YiXing Teapots updated
16 Dec. Embroidery updated
7 Dec. Even more YiXing Teapots for Christmas' sake.
23 Nov. PICs of my recent China trip. Can't afford to miss the images from next door of heaven. Here.
22 Nov. Call me crazy. I have pushed the number of YiXing teapots to a new height. Only 272. Have fun. Bamboo sculpture also updated.  


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